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Hi. My name's Eunice. 7teen. A frustrated amateur photographer. A dreamer and a believer of fairytale-like stories and happy ever after. And I have this undying love for Lee Min Ho (이민호) ♥

Generally, I love movies, photography, pizza, music, the sky at night, smiles, hugs, laughing out loud, paper stars ★, gloomy rainy days, random Hi's, doing weird things when I'm bored.

This blog will be filled with my life, thoughts, and everything in between :)

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The computer says it is Sunday, July 02, 2006 today. The computer’s kind of lame and it needs an update haha. Anyway, my day went pretty well :) 

  • English class was good! My instructor brought her camera to the class and took a picture of us while taking the quiz and took us a class picture. She told us to add her on Facebook and she’ll tag everyone haha.
  • Math was okay then :) I didn’t get the lesson though. But my instructor kept on cracking jokes and making us all laugh so that makes me say Math class was okay today! For the first time he didn’t took everything seriously! Thank God!
  • Hung out with my block mates. Walked 7 blocks from school to downtown and had an isaw trip! :) 

I have to download more iWin games. But I’ll prolly start playing after exams maybe? Haha.