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Hi. My name's Eunice. 7teen. A frustrated amateur photographer. A dreamer and a believer of fairytale-like stories and happy ever after. And I have this undying love for Lee Min Ho (이민호) ♥

Generally, I love movies, photography, pizza, music, the sky at night, smiles, hugs, laughing out loud, paper stars ★, gloomy rainy days, random Hi's, doing weird things when I'm bored.

This blog will be filled with my life, thoughts, and everything in between :)

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Now home from school. Packing my things up for tonight’s sleepover at my cousin’s house :) I should actually be doing my Drawing plates but I forgot to buy Drawing papers in school so .. boo me! Haha. 

Im helping my sister with her Multiply site for an online store she’s making. She doesn’t know anything about html so she handed me the task to do it. I might not finish it today ‘coz I know nothing about Multiply ‘coz I never use that networking site so it’ll be pretty hard. But I’ll try anyway. I got nothing to do so this might get me busy at least :)

It’s gonna rain! And Gleenice surprisingly visited me and now Im happy! :D