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Hi. My name's Eunice. 7teen. A frustrated amateur photographer. A dreamer and a believer of fairytale-like stories and happy ever after. And I have this undying love for Lee Min Ho (이민호) ♥

Generally, I love movies, photography, pizza, music, the sky at night, smiles, hugs, laughing out loud, paper stars ★, gloomy rainy days, random Hi's, doing weird things when I'm bored.

This blog will be filled with my life, thoughts, and everything in between :)

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080110 - First day of August! :D

Do I look tired? Yes I do. You can see it in my eyes. And I look .. teary-eyed. Oh well.

Photo taken yesterday; August 1. Gave up my NSTP class for Sunday service. I’ve been feeling down lately and needs some encouragement. Thank God for the Word :)

Lunch with my family then Class-officer’s meeting in school in the afternoon.

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