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Hi. My name's Eunice. 7teen. A frustrated amateur photographer. A dreamer and a believer of fairytale-like stories and happy ever after. And I have this undying love for Lee Min Ho (이민호) ♥

Generally, I love movies, photography, pizza, music, the sky at night, smiles, hugs, laughing out loud, paper stars ★, gloomy rainy days, random Hi's, doing weird things when I'm bored.

This blog will be filled with my life, thoughts, and everything in between :)

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This was over the summer after a general cleaning in our house when Papa was still here haha. We played with his laptop. It’s his reward.

I miss my ‘Dora’ bangs! :’( I want to get a hair cut (for the second time this month) AGAIN!

Meet my 1st boyfriend ♥ Haha, look at those legs. Like father, like daughter.

HAPPY PAPAYOH’S DAY! :) I miss you!
And to all Fathers out there, Happy Father’s day too!

Look who had a kiddie photoshoot before haha. My sister scanned old pictures and uploaded it on Facebook. Well, I don’t like this one ‘coz I look like a guy here and I don’t have teeth sa front row plus my undies are so revealing. My sister looks cute here though haha. But she’s being unfair ‘coz she only upload the ones where she looks cute haha. I just thought of sharing this one to y’all guys.

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